Galaxy S7 stands one among the Top 5 smartphone Q1 2016 sale in the US market

We have heard a lot about Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge in media, advertisements, and reviews and in fiscal reporting. The latest news that comes through Kantar Worldpanel states that the duo handsets earned a respectable 5.8% of Q1 2016 Smartphone sales. Both the pair of products was released on March 11th and had received an impressive achievement till date.

Samsung galaxy s7

According to the report by Mobile Analyst Lauren Guenveur, Galaxy S7 was “the fifth best-selling phone in Q116”and the Galaxy S6 was the 10th best-selling smartphone (3.2%) after its launch in the three months ending in April 2015.”

Purchasing patterns

If you wonder what may have been contributed to the success of these handsets, (perhaps the battery life for example you think) then surely go through the statistics provided by Kantar. I am very much sure you will be surprised. The buyers who purchased the handsets in March was only because of the battery life. About 53.3% of the purchase stated that battery life was the main driver of the handset choice.

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The battery on the S7 is larger and ships with fast and wireless charging that is up to 50% battery life in just 30 minutes. This is the first Samsung device; earlier this feature was available as an accessory for the models. The quality of camera was an important priority for S7 buyers for 50.9% of them versus 33.5% of smartphone buyers for the period. S7 buyers gave important to storage capacity, at 36.5% versus 17.8% among all buyers, and processor speed at 39.8% over 23.9% of all buyers.

The most interesting data, however, relates to that of price-related issues: 38.8% of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge buyers were influenced by an exclusive phone promotion or offer, 12.2% by a free or discounted product, 11% by a trade-in scheme, and 10.3% by free or discounted accessories. From the above report it is cleared that a majority of customers are influenced by 1. A larger battery. 2. A better camera. and 3. The ability to get the device as a part of some kind of offer.


As we know that one of the most criticized aspects of Galaxy S6 was a lack of micro SD card support. It is not mentioned specifically into the decision to buy the S7 variants, which do include. The data are a part of storage as we know, but even 36.5% is not a majority. It may be possible that micro SD support as a standalone feature was not examined. As for the buyers the restored support is not as important as one might expect.

Wrap Up

In the less period of time the S7 and S7 Edge were available in Q1 2016, but it is expected that Q2 will see even better performance result. It is assumed that both pairs will top the charts, prior to the release of LG G5 and HTC 10. What do you think of the results and reports in this study? Do not forget to give your valuable comments in the comments section below.

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