Galaxy S7 Edge leaked images in Glossy Black

After launching the Blue Coral variant for the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung is planning to introduce another new color option for this flagship. The recent leaked images of the Galaxy S7 Edge in Glossy Black have now surfaced online on Weibo by a Samsung rep, which reveal a glossier shade of black than the current Onyx Black. The reason Samsung introduces the new shade of black for Galaxy S7 Edge is to against the Jet Black color on iPhone 7. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, the new Glossy Black color may be offered with both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Previously, the Blue Coral option only appears the Galaxy S7 Edge.

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According to these clear images, the new Glossy Black shade will definitely have a bigger fingerprint magnet than the Onyx Black shade, which already suffers from the issue. And it may not turn out to be scratch-prone as the Jet Black color offered with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, as well. For people who love Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the glossy appearance will be a great color option. The Jet Black color on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have received good responses from consumers, and we think the Glossy Black color of Galaxy S7 Edge will also find a lot of love. In South Korea, the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge has beaten the iPhone 7 off by a significant margin as soon as it went on sale in the earlier this month. With the new Glossy Black color option, things can be much better for Samsung right in its home market.


According to some newest rumors, the Glossy Black color option of Galaxy S7 Edge will be available from the next month in the United States. It will take slightly longer time to land on other markets.


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