Few easy steps to Root Google Pixel and Pixel XL with Mskip’s Toolkit

gg-pixel-rootDear readers, today we shall guide you through the steps using which you can root your Google Pixel /Pixel XL smartphone. As you know, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the duo latest high-end devices with many superior features that might make you wonder, “Why to root the device!” But actually matter is somehow different. Post rooting, your Google Pixel/ Pixel XL becomes eligible for multitasking, the which task you can never materialize with the stock Android OS. Benefits of rooting is a lot, but to name a few, you can remove bloatware, flash custom ROMs, install custom recovery images, install custom kernels and many other custom apps which you can never do in the stock Android OS.

Apart, flexibility of your Google Pixel /Pixel XL will be enhanced to the next level after rooting your Smartphone. Not only your device will be unlocked, but will speed up and the existing bugs and lags on your Smarthone will be fixed. Also you can customize your Google Pixel /Pixel XL as per your requirements, can speed up your web browsing experience and fix the other existing issues in your device. But now question arises how to safely root the Smartphone because you can get all these facilities only after rooting your device properly. Else your handset might be in danger.

Before initiating the rooting process, we must tell you that rooting your Google Pixel /Pixel XL will void its warranty, so the rooting is solely your own risk. We at TechGipsy will never remain responsible for any sort of issues if created in your Smartphone during the rooting process. So make sure that you read and understand the procedure well before starting the procedure.


  • A Google Pixel /Pixel XL Smartphone
  • One PC pre-installed with the latest Google Pixel /Pixel XL drivers as the drivers will connect your Smartphone to your PC.
  • A original USB Type-C cable
  • Backup of all your device data such as MMS, SMS, videos, contacts, call logs, APN numbers, applications and other files expected to get lost during the rooting process.
  • At least 70% power back up to avoid unexpected device shut down.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device by going to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging. Remember to untick the Debugging box when you are done with the rooting procedure.
  • Uninstall the antivirus app in your smartphone & Disable the antivirus program in your PC.

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Steps to Root

  • At first download the toolkit by clicking here and place it on the desktop of your PC.
  • Install it, and then connect your Google Pixel/Pixel XL device to your PC
  • Open the toolkit, and press ‘1‘to install all the proper ADB and Fastboot drivers. You can skip this step if you have already installed them.
  • Next up, press ‘4‘ to check your root status, and then root your Google Pixel/Pixel XL device

And that’s all! Now you have finally rooted your Google Pixel/Pixel XL. In case of any issues in the update process, feel free to get back to us via the comment section. We shall try to find out some solution for you


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