Few easy methods to Fix Google Pixel/ Pixel XL Overheating issue

If you are using a Google Pixel or Pixel XL, that means you are holding one of the bét Android phones in the market, with high-end hardware, impressive specifications, and a great design. But that does not mean there is not bug with two Google’s flagship. Several users have complained about overheating issue of both devices. While someone have said that their phone got overheating after long hours of use, others stated the phone was overheated for no reason. However, the overheating issue occurring with Google Pixel/Pixel Xl can be solved in this post.

  1. Restart the device

This is easiest solution to fix all issues in a minute. Also, if you have used your device more than 150-200 hours without performing any restart, your Pixel/Pixel Xl might appear several issues including overheating. So, what you need to do is pressing down the Power button for a few seconds, then tap on Reboot to restart your device. Once completed, check if the issue in Google Pixel/Pixel XL is resolved. If not, see the next method.

  1. Boot the device in safe mode

The next solution is to boot your device in safe mode to see if there are any third party apps actually causing the issue. The Safe mode will disable all the third party apps and you can be assured whether there is a third party app creating overheating issue.

Here is how to boot your Pixel/Pixel XL into the Safe mode.

  • First, press and hold down the power button, then it will display several options.
  • Tap on the Power off option and still hold down the Power button till the safe mode option appears
  • Press OK and the Safe mode line will display on the left bottom corner of the screen.

Now, check how your device is working. If the overheating issue disappears, you should uninstall third party apps one by one.

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  1. Wipe cache partition

There is another method you can try is wiping all the cache of your device. To do this, you simply power off the device completely. Then long-press altogether the Power, Home and Volume Up button for a few seconds. Now a stock recovery will appear on the top of the screen. Use volume button to navigate to wipe cache partition and press the Power button to select it to confirm. Next, just reboot your device.

  1. Factory reset

If you have tried every solution, but the issue is not solved yet, the factory reset will be as a last resort. But it will erase all your data and you will need to set it up from scratch, so remember to back up your data first. To perform the factory reset, go to Settings > Back up & Reset > Factory data reset and tap on OK to confirm.

Here are all available fixes. Try implementing them to get rid of the overheating issue on your Google Pixel/ Pixel XL.

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