Facebook’s New Step, AMBER Alerts to your News Feed

Facebook, the most popular Social Networking media today has reached the nook and corner of the globe and in the yester years we have often found the social networking giant introducing new steps that is of users benefit. Today Facebook has moved a step further to join hands with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to introduce AMBER Alerts to the News Feeds of everyone. Now you might think what’s AMBER alerts? AMBER alerts is a program that airs info on abducted or missing children on Televisions, Radio Networks and your Smartphones.

Well, this program on Facebook is only confined to the local areas and hence will give you feeds only on such things happening in your area. In the alert, Facebook will send you the photograph and that much details of the victim only as much the organization has. Purpose of sharing this AMBER alert on your news feed is that you can make it reach the maximum users. So once you get this alert on your news feed, you can make it shared with anyone who you want. The alert system is being introduced by Facebook starting from today and will be shown up on your Android & iOS Facebook Apps, and Desktops.

You might receive the alert on your Smartphone directly instead of your Facebook app since this feature is already available in most of the Smartphones today. But this will not be of that much usability as expected though it can attract your attention instantly. Since An AMBER alert on your Smartphone will be followed by a loud ring and a few lines of text along with the link of the AMBER alert website, so it instantly make you look at the phone. But it will not obviously include that much info about the abducted victim. So you can get details on the victim after following the given link.

However, Facebook is on constant effort to provide you as much info possible through the alert and we hope this step of Facebook on public welfare will be of course welcoming. Though this thing might not seem a big deal in the initial moment, but definitely bring awareness among users in the coming days. So let’s hope for the best.

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