Facebook’s creative Art, collates your birthday wishes into Video

Facebook, the heartthrob of Social Media has now emerged to be the heartthrob of Social life. As you know the rate of engaging users in the Facebook database is constantly increasing, the Social Media giant also welcomes them adding a new feature every alternate day. Recently only Facebook had introduced the Slideshow feature for iOS platform that collates photos from the camera roll to create a video and now the giant is planning to collate the birthday wishes on your Facebook timeline to a video and show it to the world.

Yes, the idea is definitely unique and creative and is an attempt by Facebook to keep you in the limelight for another day. As per the functionality of this feature, Facebook collects all the warm wishes from your dear ones and create a featured video which is showcased on the top of your News Feed the very next day of your birthday. The video not only includes the wishes, but also packs all wishes in form of photos and montage.

Facebook creates this video automatically and allows the users to share it if they want. You are also allowed to edit the video, highlight your choices ones and keep as many stuff you want to keep. The video resumes with a big cake and then moves forward to the wishes in form of posts, photos or montage. Every user must have at least three wishes on their timeline to form this video and as far my knowledge almost everyone is eligible for the same. Who on the earth on Facebook these days is not getting at least three birthday wishes on their timeline!

This is not the first initiative by Facebook to make your birthday special because in February the techno giant had introduced the Birthday Cam using which the users could send video wishes. Also we have before seen Facebook celebrating the User’s anniversaries on Facebook wall by collating your memories on Facebook and forming videos on it. So the creative is not new, but will definitely add salt to your birthday celebrations, we think. But what you think guys?

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