Facebook Messenger is not just a Chatting tool, It’s far beyond!

Facebook Messenger, a very familiar term among the Smartphone users and there is nothing to explain what you people generally do with this popular App. A tiny tot can say that the App is all about chatting with Facebook friends on your Smartphone device. Right?  But do you know it’s really not all about chatting? You can do many things with the Facebook Messenger which might seem non-sense, but those actually make sense and can use features that you might have hardly imagined of.

The Facebook Messenger App in itself is a more money-making and advertising platform to which Facebook is much adhered to. That’s why these days you can find Facebook blocking the Messenger feature on Mobile browsers in some regions and encouraging users to use Facebook Messenger. This formula is soon going to be applied to all users across the globe and might extend to iPhones as well. Of course the Company has not revealed when. But we assume very soon.

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So now you might wonder what extra we can do with the Facebook Messenger App! Rather, it consumes pretty much space on your device. Then what’s the benefit! That all goes here.

Chatting in Groups

Group Chatting is a popular medium for  present day youth to plan further on their daily activities. While today’s hectic life style has captivated people in their work culture, planning for a dinner, moving outside together or just talking about the day is possible using the Group chat option. It’s of course time saving and keeps you intact to your work. The group chatting option today is more convenient with the Facebook Messenger.

What you have to do in all is to tap the “groups” icon in the bottom screen of the App which will take you to existing group chats or will allow you to form new groups. There is no restriction, you can leave the group at anytime or can add anyone new to the group at your convenience. If you are a frequent user of “group chat” then you can also pin it to the Top to access it at ease.

Chat Bots

“Chat Bots” is an aggravated step taken by Facebook that will help you to get reports on news or weather. Also you can shop for shoes or book plane tickets or book hotels using the bots. Now those who are unaware about bots might wonder what is that! To make you more clear, you might have often chatted with many companies or e-commerce websites where you get automated response. There often you get automated response and this is what comes from the bots. Facebook since April has let the outside businesses create “chat bots” which can be used for filling your varied purposes. Also it’s expected that soon the day will come when you can directly book a hotel or book a plane ticket using your Facebook Messenger.

Video Calls

There is no need to use IMO or Skype for undergoing a video call with your dear ones. The Facebook Messenger brings you the option to make free videos calls on WiFi. Also you can use it on your Mobile Data, but you will be charged for that. But always you will be recommended to use WiFi while making a video call.

Send or Receive Money

You will be quite happy to know that using your Debit card (not Credit Card) you can send or receive money in your Facebook Messenger. You don’t have to pay any additional charges for that. If you have attached your Debit card number to your Facebook account and your friends have also done so, then you can easily send or receive Payments. What you have to do in all is to select the person who you want to send or receive money from and then tap on “Payments.” You will be all done in a few minutes.

Playing Games

Do you know that you can also play games using the Facebook Messenger? The popular game like soccer or football can also be played using your Facebook Messenger. To initiate the game, you have to select the person with whom you want to play and click on the emoji keyboard of Messenger by tapping on the emoji icon on the left side of your message window. Now tap the soccer ball icon and send it to your friend to invite to play. Remember, as long you tap on the ball, it remains above in air. This can be somehow frustrating, but can pass your time.

So what you think reader? Isn’t it something extra that you expected from your Facebook Messenger? If yes, then definitely share your views in the comment section. Also forget not to take a trial. Definitely let’s know if you think anything extra can be done with Facebook Messenger.

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