Entrepreneurs, Here’s an App just for You!

A number of Android Apps are now available in the market for making your Mobile experience all the way rich and creative. Android Applications are available in the market for every segment of people starting from common day users to Entrepreneurs. These Applications are useful enough to make your everyday mobile experience enthusiastic and ease. Recently one more Android App has been added to the Google  Play Store to take your Mobile experience a step ahead and this app is especially for the Entrepreneurs.

The App is named as the ET (Economic Times App). To track the latest news on the go, to stay updated with the stock prices and other news on board, bless yourself with the Economic Times App! The ET Market app is available in a number of languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Odia, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.

The Economic Times App provides a wide variety of service to its users. No matter if you are a stock business holder, is an Entrepreneur or takes special interest in Stock nes and want to track the real time market status, then tracking stock and index prices in real time with a range of chart views that include technical indicators and additional tools for expert comparison, will become easier with the ET Market app. The App also allows you to create your own ET portfolio to track your entire range of investments.

The ET Market app comes equipped with live streams for ETNOW TV and live audio streams for the latest news. Best part of the Android App is that the news items can be cached to your iOS device for easy offline access. The ET Market app offers you with everything that you need to earn for a clear understanding of the diurnal market activities, latest Stock Recommendations, News, Live stock prices from BSE and NSE including real time indices (Sensex, Nifty) and free live TV powered by ETNOW.

So if you are an Entrepreneur, then your it’s time to make your hardcore work bit easy. And for that that you just need two things – Download the ET Market app and Internet. Good luck !

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