Cool YouTube Tricks and Tips on Android

YouTube is the most common video-sharing website on the internet and there are hundreds of millions of people watching it daily. On our Android smartphone, we now usually use the YouTube Android to watch videos.

YouTube allows you to view, upload, comment, share the videos, or subscribe to other users. Although you might use YouTube every day, there are still many useful features for enjoying the video or sharing website more comfortably that you might not know. Some of the features are put out of sight and the others are on the show buttoned-down to go beyond your notice. So, here are the coolest YouTube tips and tricks you could apply for the YouTube app on your Android phone.

Play YouTube videos in Background

The most annoying shortcomings of the YouTube app is its incapability to play videos in the background. If you launch other apps or return to the Home screen while you are watching a video on YouTube, the video will inevitably stop. So, many of you here want to listen to music on the YouTube app on your mobile while you can still do other things on your device.

The great news is that there is a small trick that allows you to play YouTube videos in the background. That’s using a web browser. All you need to do is downloading and installing Mozilla Firefox browser from the Google Play Store. Once done, open the app and go to YouTube site. The site will now open in form of the mobile version. Next, tap on the three dots button on the top right corner and choose the desktop tab. You can now play your favorite videos in the background while you can still do other tasks.

Live streaming videos on YouTube

There are two common ways to live streaming content, including YouTube Live, and YouTube Gaming. YouTube Live comes with a bigger aspect. It allows any channels to make a live streaming provided that the channel has not been flagged as a restriction for the live stream.

Double-tap to forward or backward

Thanks for the updates, you can now double tap on the YouTube mobile apps to fast forward or rewind videos. When watching a video, if you double-tap on the right side, you will go forward ten seconds.

Otherwise, if you double-tap on the left side of the video, it will go back ten seconds. This tip only works when you are watching the video in full-screen mode.

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Limit Data Usage

If you are in a data plan limit, there is an easy way to save your mobile data in the settings of YouTube app. To do so, go to Settings on the YouTube app, and tap on General.

From there, you will see Limit Mobile Data Usage and enable it and then turn Auto-play off, and you can save your mobile data.

Save Video for Offline Watching

With the help of the YouTube Offline feature, you can now download YouTube videos on your Android device. When watching a YouTube video, you will see a download button below the video. Just tap on it and then choose the quality. You will now have your video downloaded on your mobile phone.

These are the common tips and tricks of YouTube app for Android users. If you know any other useful tricks for YouTube, let’s know in the comment below.


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