Common Galaxy S8 Keyboard Problems & Fixes

Although there are a number of third-party keyboards for Android platform, almost of Galaxy S8 users like the pre-installed keyboard. While it brings a lot of offer, the keyboard sometimes comes with the frustration or bugs as well. If you’re facing the problems with the keyboard of your Galaxy S8. They can quickly be fixed by doing some tricks. Here’s how you can fix the most common keyboard problems on your Galaxy S8.

Keyboard Not Showing

The biggest Galaxy S8 keyboard issue is the disappearance of the keyboard. When it occurs, you are not able to access the keyboard settings to change an option. Here are two popular ways to fix it.

  • The first one is rebooting the Galaxy S8. Simply press and hold the power button, and tap on Restart. After the reboot, the keyboard should work.
  • If you’re still facing a missing keyboard, another solution is clearing the cache for the keyboard app to fix the problem. Simply go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Samsung Keyboard and tap Force Stop. You can also choose Storage, and clear the keyboard data and cache. Doing this will get the keyboard back.

Keyboard Predictions Not Appearing

The most useful keyboard feature of Galaxy S8 might be the predictive text. But sometimes the prediction disappears, or after a prediction, there is weird spacing in your sentence. To fix that problem, go to the Settings > General Management > Language & input. Here, at On-screen Keyboard, tap on Samsung and check the settings list. Next, toggle it off and turn the option back on. We also recommend you to choose “Predictive Text” and do not turn off auto replace.

You now see “Auto spacing” option, which will automatically insert a space after you add a word using the predictive text option. This feature might cause the random spaces in your sentence. So, the best way is disabling auto spacing or turning off predictive text completely. Although it’s useful, it can make some users slowdown in typing.

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Keyboard Not Capitalizing

Many S8 users have also complained that the Galaxy S8 keyboard would not capitalize words and names or auto-correct. This can slow you down.

To fix that, make sure that you already turn on the auto capitalization. Go to Settings > General Management > Language & input. Here, tap on On-screen keyboard, choose Samsung Keyboard and check out the list of options.

Keyboard Lag

When you are typing quickly but you see the keyboard lag, don’t worry, there is currently a trick to potentially fix the keyboard lag on your Galaxy S8. To do so,

Navigate to Settings > General Management > Language & Input > On-screen Keyboard > Samsung Keyboard. Here, scroll to the very bottom. Now, choose “Reset to Default Settings” and then tap on “Reset keyboard settings” option. It will then wipe out any cache and reset the keyboard to the factory settings as it’s out of the box.

These are common problems happening with the keyboard of Galaxy S8 as well as their fixes. If you have other troubles, let’s know in the comment.


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