Change Default Apps in Android with few easy steps

Often you come across such issue that you want to open a file with a particular program, but Android opens another. This so happens because you select the wrong default app. That sometimes become very annoying and you would wish to throw your device in some unmarked directions. But how to overcome such problem? we have a solution for such issues here. Here we shall let you know the process to change the default apps on your favorite operating system.

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But before that you must know how to manage the default apps. The task is not that much difficult as it might seem. To manage the default Apps on Android, at first you have to download the Default App Manager Lite. This app displays and changes defaults for the most of the common file types. So this app will help you to determine what your Smartphone considers as default and will help you change it to your required default app pattern. What you have to do is to install the app, boot it and choose the apps that you want to use for the files or functions of your preference. You can download the app from Google Play Store.

Generally what happens, Android operating system uses a concept called “implicit intent” which acts as imitator. It behaves as per the requirement of the user. I mean If the user of the device wants to launch certain functionality on the device, then the OS will opt for an using which it can launch the functionality. If the option is more than one, and no default app has been set, then it will provide a choice which app you would like to prefer. This makes the setting of default app easy.

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Now you begin an activity that needs to assign a default app. The task may include from clicking a link or opening a certain file. If the device shows no options, then either you have one app or you have already set a default app for the activity. While undergoing such activity, you will see a dialogue box containing a list of apps from which you can choose your required app. If asked  would you like to use this app “Only once” or “Always,” select “Always” so as to set this app as default for this kind of activity. This is the process where some users assign the default apps even without your knowledge. It will remember your choice and next time won’t ask for this particular type of activity.

Set individual default apps

Suppose you want to do things like this. You do not want to use certain app further on your device. At the same time you want to open the Instagram pictures with your browser by default, but without installing Instagram. You can now stop Android from opening Instagram links with the Instagram app? You need to reset the app’s default and set a new default when asked. Below are the details provided:

  • Go to your Android device’s settings. It can be find on your apps or in a pulldown menu of your home screen.
  • Find “Apps” or “App Settings” in the Settings. Then select the “All Apps” tab near the top.
  • Look for the app that Android is currently using by default. This the particular app which you don’t want to use any more.
  • Select Clear Defaults from the App’s settings.
  • Go back to the activity you want to perform. This time Android will ask you which app you like to put in use.
  • Select the app that you want to use and then tap “Always.”

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That’s all. You are finished with the update. Henceforth Android will open your app by with default functionality.

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