Friday , 26 May 2017
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Acer Swift 7, a stern contender to Apple Macbook Pro

Notebooks are becoming thinner day by day. Laptop manufacturers are cutting down the thickness of the edges, and chamfering the bezels to shave precious millimeters on their latest designs, but Acer takes it one further step with their new laptop. The Acer Swift 7 comes in at under 10 millimeters, which is almost half as thin as a Macbook Air. ...

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Samsung Gear S3 watches to launch in the US on Nov 18

After the big success of Samsung’s Gear S2, the round smart watch with its rotating bezel subjugated tech lovers and analog watch fans alike with its sleek design. This year, Samsung is coming back with the duo Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier, two traditional smart watches with classic Swiss design elements in the U.S. starting November 18, with ...

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Wireless Keyboards are prone to hacking attacks!

wireless keyboard

Shocked? Wonder how is it possible! While most of the desktop users this date are fond of using wireless keyboards for convenience, this new research report can make them worried. Yes, a new research report recently published by the cyber-security firm Bastille concludes that your Wireless Keyboards, specially the low cost models are prone to hacking attacks. Then it’s a matter to think, because every ...

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Grab Seedforce waterproof Bluetooth speaker just for $11

seedforce blueetooth speaker

Well, if you are at a water park or at the sea beach to spend your leisure time with friends, family or girl friend and want to spend some quality underwater music hours, then what can be better than the Seedforce waterproof Bluetooth speaker which is now available at just $11 in Amazon. The device actually costs $59 and is available at Amazon just ...

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Xiaomi supposed to launch VR Headset on 1st August

VR Headset

Xiaomi, the famous Smartphone and electronics product manufacturer is all set to match steps to the leading techno product manufacturers such as Google, Samsung, HTC, Sony. It’s so because  now the manufacturer readily proceeds to launch its first ever VR Headset which is assumed to get launched on this Monday, 1st of August. If the assumption stands true, then Xiaomi will be seen mastering ...

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WhatsApp supposed to add Mentions and Group Invite Links


WhatsApp this date has become one of the most popular messaging platforms for users across the globe & WhatsApp is also promptly introducing new features to attract the attention of users primarily. In addition, recently WhatsApp is planning to introduce two new features i.e. “Mentions” and “Group Invite Links” to its messenger. The “mention” feature will attract the attention users in the group instantly ...

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The New Powerbank POP All Set to power up your Device

powrebank pop

Today Smartphone technology has reached the next generation, yet we depend on the battery life limitations. The present day technology though has become capable to extend the battery life to some extent, but is not fully capable to help us drive the battery life of our Smartphones for a considerably prolonged period. Hence, in the present scenario, the battery efficiency makes our devices immobile. Most of ...

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Stock Dailer of Google now available for other Smartphones too

Stock dialer of google

Now a days Smartphones are capable of doing many things crossing the border of just telephonic conversation. We can use these devices to send text messages, play games, browse internet, & take awesome snapshots, share experiences and tracking fitness of your body. But today We have something special for the ones who do only normal phone calls. Yes, I talk about Google’s Stock Dialer. Since ...

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The Garmin Fenix 3 Smartwatch Introduced; Keeps you Fit and Healthy

Fenix 3 Smartwatch

In this triathlete fantasy world, let me introduce Garmin Fenix 3. From triathletes point of view it has all the right stuff to meet your demands. However, think what if you are not a hardcore athlete? What if you are like me? I am just an active guy and always want to stay fit. As a Regular Active Guy, let me explain ...

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Instagram extends Video Support from 15 Seconds to 1 Minute

instagram app

As you know this date almost all Social Media websites have integrated video playing as an additional, yet prime feature and the popular Social Media App Instagram is not back in the rivalry. Yes, during the introduction of the App, there was no Video Playing features integrated actually. But later we found Instagram adding 15 minutes inside app video playing ...

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