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Few easy steps to delete your Twitter Account

As you know Twitter is the most fascinated and sophisticated form of Social Media exchange in the present day scenario and hence the Social Media giant has turned to be a very popular medium among users. Overall, you can say that it’s the best platform in Digital segment this date to make you

Latets Twitter 5.43.0 APK for Android released

What’s up guys? A good news for you again. Specially for those Android users who are quite kicking and alive in their Twitter pages. As you know Twitter is the best medium this date for sharing your thoughts with millions of people worldwide and hence you must need a more advanced and superior Twitter App

Uncloak fake twitter accounts with BotOrNot

We have often heard people talking about fake accounts in social networking sites. Many of them are confused whether the account is fake or real. Now they can have an answer to it. A new tool has been devised to check if a twitter account is being operated by a human or

Microsoft Surface 2 LTE & Surface 3 Tablet details leaked on Twitter ahead of Release

Microsoft had occupied good bit of market share with introduction of its Surface series tablets before and might the giant be planning to introduce a couple of new Surface series tablets in the market soon, but someone in the Twitter page recently revealed the details of the much talked about tablets before