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How To Reply A WhatsApp Message Without Online

Have you ever ignored a WhatsApp message to stop your contacts from knowing you online? A contact that is waiting for your reply sent a few hours ago, but you don’t have intention of replying as you hate to start a long conversation. There is now a method to help you avoid

How To Fix Facebook Messenger Crashing on iPhone and iPad

Many users have recently reported that the Facebook app on their iPhone immediately shutdown when opening or several times its got crashed in the midst of browsing news feed. Well, if you are in the same trouble, in this troubleshooting guide, we will explain how you can fix the issue. How To

A new update to Google Translation rolled with better translation feature

Google Translate has got a big achievement in 10 recent years. When first being launched, it just supports for a few languages, now this figure is up to 103. Moreover, Google Translate also helps connecting strangers, reaching across language barriers. Today, Google continues to release a new update for Google Translate with

Google to launch two self branded Android Wear Smartwatches Angelfish and Swordfish

You know how popular the Android Smartwatches are in this era. Since the day the first Android Wear Smartwatch was produced a couple of years ago, we have seen immense popularity of these devices among the youth. And Google is the first platform to introduce this concept. But till date we had

Facebook’s creative Art, collates your birthday wishes into Video

Facebook, the heartthrob of Social Media has now emerged to be the heartthrob of Social life. As you know the rate of engaging users in the Facebook database is constantly increasing, the Social Media giant also welcomes them adding a new feature every alternate day. Recently only Facebook had introduced the Slideshow feature for iOS

Facebook Messenger is not just a Chatting tool, It’s far beyond!

Facebook Messenger, a very familiar term among the Smartphone users and there is nothing to explain what you people generally do with this popular App. A tiny tot can say that the App is all about chatting with Facebook friends on your Smartphone device. Right?  But do you know it’s really not all

Unicode approves Google’s working women emoji

Google was eagerly waiting for the Working women emoji to get approved by Unicode and finally the day has come. Unicode just recently approved the Working women emoji applied by Google in May this year. This was a brand new concept by Google to introduced female Working characters in Emoji as all that

Wanna Cash Reward Playing Games! The CashEnglish App is for You then

Have you ever heard of winning cash reward for playing games? And that in a mobile game? Of course some apps games are there in market which manifest gamers with cash rewards and different prizes. But this happens for the first time that a Educational Gaming App rewards gamers with cash prize.

Instagram follows Facebook’s footsteps; Introduces Translation Button and “Picked For You” Video Feaure

Instagram, the popular Video and Photo sharing Social Media platform has lately come up with a brand new feature called the new ‘Picked For You’ channel in the Explore Tab to manifest video viewing. Yes, this feature is purely dedicated just to Videos inside the App. The new channel functions collating the videos based on the