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How To Install Instagram ++ On Your Non-Jailbreak iPhone

Along with Facebook, WhatsApp or Snapchats, Instagram is also one of the most popular social media networks, which you can share your photos & videos, or send messages to friends, or upload your stories on the newsfeed. Although comes with the attractive features, it still lacks some of the great features, which

RecBoot Alternative to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

RecBoot is used by many iOS users to exit the recovery mode quickly in a few seconds. However, this method cannot be used anymore. If you have already updated your iPhone/iPad to the latest iOS version, you will see the RecBoot error and the installation process doesn’t complete. So, looking for a

3 Common Jailbreak Tools for iOS 11 Firmware

Until now, there are three new jailbreak tools, which were and will be released soon for iOS 11 – 11.1.2 versions. So, keep reading this post find out the differences among them and choose the one that you like most. Saurik, the creator of jailbreak, revealed an interesting thing that there are

How To Fix Bluetooth Issues On iPhone X

Although iPhone X is a very great smartphone from Apple and it’s worth using, some iPhone X users have been complaining about the Bluetooth issues on their device. Here are the common methods to fix the Bluetooth connectivity issues on your iPhone X. If you get an unstable Bluetooth connection, you will

How To Speed Up Your Old iPhone

Apple has already admitted that the company has been slowing down the older iOS devices since the iOS 10 updates were released. From iOS 10.2.1 to the latest iOS 11.2.1, Apple began slowing down the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE, and even iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to prevent the

How To Fix Bad Battery Life on iPhone 8

Some iPhone 8 users are complaining about the battery usage on their device, as the battery runs out of too fast. In most cases, it comes from an app gone rogue or simply the bad habit for the daily use behind the wheel. We are still expecting the next updates from Apple

How to Get Animojis on Older iPhone Models

Animojis is a great new feature on the iPhone X, which provides for users a cool entertainment. The TrueDept feature allows you to use animated emojis on your new iPhone X. But it’s pity as the Animojis is only available on the new iPhone X model, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are

How to Check if iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

As you know, the unlocked iPhones will support the sim card of any network carrier. But you might sometimes feel confused when holding an iPhone as a glimpse does not inform that the sim is compatible or not. So, that’s why you should read the post below to know how to check

How To Fix Mac Won’t Shut Down

Turning off your Mac is never difficult.  However, sometimes things aren’t as ideal as our expectation as it can be painful to actually shut down your Mac. So, in this post, we’ll find some ways to get your Mac to properly shut down. Steps to Shut Down a Mac Turning off a