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How To Unlock iOS And Android Devices

If your device is locked and you intend to switch the carrier since your contract ends, you will first need to unlock your device. Unlocking is required because if you don’t do that when you put another SIM card of other carriers, you will notice there is no signal and you cannot

How To Fix Random Restarts Issues On iPhone X

iPhone X is the latest flagships from Apple that is currently the hottest smartphone in the stores. It delivers a unique & great design as well as an excellent performance. However, bugs have not spared the phone and some iPhone X users have started complaining about iPhone X random restarts. It’s not

How to Fix ‘Could not activate iPhone X” Error

There are some reasons you could see a “Could not activate iPhone X” error when setting up your new iPhone X. So in this post, we’ll be with you to find out the causes of the activation error, as well as the potential fixes to help you set up your iPhone successfully.

How To No Service Issue On iPhone 8/8 Plus

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are great smartphones because of its premium design as well as monster performance. But at some point there are still some issues occurring with iPhone 8/ 8 Plus. One of them comes with the cellular data problems. You may sometimes see “No service” message on your

How To Trade Your Current iPhone For iPhone X

Although iPhone X, the most expectable phone this year is not yet to hit the market, many Apple fans are ready to buy it. However, the price tag is the biggest barrier for many of us. So, if you already have an iPhone, it’s good time to trade your iPhone for an

How To Fix FaceTime Waiting for Activation Error On iOS 11/10

The FaceTime Waiting for Activation error is one ò the most popular issues in iOS devices that causes a lot of pain to its users all over the world. Although the issue might happen regularly during the daily use, there are literally dozens of methods to fix this error and there are

How To Fix iPhone 8 Can’t Connect To App Store

“Can’t connect to App Store” is one of the recently common issues that many iPhone 8 users have already faced. This error prevents users from downloading or updating apps from the App Store. So, if you are in the same difficulty with your new iPhone 8, this issue can be fixed easily.

How To Fix iPhone 8 Battery Life Issues

One of the most expectable devices in the world of smartphones is the iPhone 8. Apple has loaded it with some excellent parts and features. One of the important parts is its battery. All of us hope that our phone has good battery life so we don’t have to worry about looking

How To Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error

The iMessage Waiting for Activation error is a very popular issue that pisses you off at the extreme levels. It is usually stuck at the activation screen. But when the activation does not happen, the error message will simply freak you out. Although this error has occurred with a lot of iOS