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How to Fix Bad iOS 11 Beta Battery Life

Apple has seeded the iOS 11 beta 3 to fix some initial problems but they still continue to appear on many iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. One of them is the battery life issue, which is unpredictable and a number of iOS 11 beta users are still complaining about

Tweak Allows Manually Designating Favorite Emojis

The iOS keyboard comes with a dedicated key for the access to the host of Emojis so that you can use it to express your mood. Part of this interface includes the poplar Emojis you use frequently, but sometimes the suggestions aren’t always your liking. However, with a new jailbreak

How to Install MacOS Sierra 10.13 Developer Beta 2 On Mac

After the first MacOS Sierra 10.13 beta, Apple today rolled out the next MacOS Sierra 10.13 beta 2 to developers. The beta is now available in the Mac App Store for devices that are already in the developer program. The rollout of the beta software fixes the existing bugs and

How to Install iCleaner-Like for iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

“Storage Almost Full” is one of the warning messages that many 16GB iPhone/iPad users don’t like while trying to install an app or game from the App Store. If you are in that case, maybe you should think about deleting some photos or videos in your Camera Roll to free

Tips To Use WhatsApp Without Phone Number And Inserting SIM card

Do you want to use the WhatsApp without the phone number? If yes, we now have the way to help you use WhatsApp on your iPhone/iPad, Android or computer without having to insert SIM card or add the phone number. How To Use WhatsApp without Phone Number/SIM There are two

How to Downgrade from iOS 10.3.2 to iOS 10.3.1 without losing data

You have updated your iOS devices to the newest 10.3.2 version, but you see that there are some bugs on this version, which make you eager to downgrade to lower iOS version. You usually think downgrading will mean earasing data, but we don’t say that. Today, in this post, we

Steps to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iOS 10

After you updated your iOS device to iOS 10, the YouTube background playback stopped working. You have looked for the cause, and the fixes, but there is not effective. However, we now find a solution to help you fix this issue. All of us know that it’s now impossible to

How to Fix ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’ for Mails and Safari in iOS

The stock Mails app of iOS allows you to connect with multiple mail servers such as iCloud, Outlook, Google, and more. The popup also includes the Cancel button, Details, and Continue. With the lower iOS 10, when you tap on the Details button, you can trust the certificate and continue

How To Fix Your iPhone Stuck on ‘Waiting For Changes To Be Applied’ On iTunes

You have tried to sync your iPhone/ iPad with iTunes, but a “waiting for the changes to the applied” message suddenly displayed on the screen. You waited for several minutes but it did not disappear, and your device is stuck in that message. There are several reasons causing this message

How to Fix iMessage Not Syncing Between Apple Watch and iPhone

Many users like to synchronize their iPhone, MacBook or Apple Watch by using the same Apple ID and password. It allows the devices to collect shareable data from other devices. For example, when setting up an Apple Watch, many of you would like to install the apps from your iPhone