Battlefield:Hardline testing shows bug infection same as Battlefield 4’s

Battlefield 4 is one name that is well associated with modern day gaming. Ever since its release it has been in the news for the good reasons of being one of the finest first-person shooter games right from the era the latest video game consoles began. Apart from being a huge hit among die-hard gamers, it also received a good deal of positive critical response but what also came along with all these goodies was the complaint of a large number of bugs that spoiled the fun part of it.The sadder part for the game-lovers is that the upcoming Battlefield: Hardline too is infected with the same bug as its predecessor was.

EA’s best ever game series Battlefield’s next upcoming installment Battlefield: Hardline is dated to be released on 21st of October this year. This game series has, by far, been positively acknowledged and it has also been in news that the upcoming installment of it, namely, Battlefield: Hardline takes a different route than the conventional war-themed game modes and gives a new flavor of game-play.

Despite all these reasons that would make any game fanatic sit at the edge awaiting its release, the reported bug infection that spoiled half the gaming experience of Battlefield 4, makes things grim.

The actual problem with the upcoming Battlefield game, as reported on a site, is that if one tried to load Battlefield: Hardline in full screen mode while running TeamViewer (a specific remote desktop program) in the background, the game will start showing problems, and won’t run in full screen mode. The bug was also seen in Battlefield 4 which gamers complained about but which has not yet been looked into by the developer. Testing results show that the upcoming Battlefield installment has also been seen infected with the same bug even though it is being developed by a new studio.

However, the reported bug will not be a major trouble in the gaming experience since the game is in beta stage and it should be best expected from Visceral Games to take this into account and deter the problems with battlefield 4 from surfacing in the upcoming battlefield game.

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