Battle Between OnePlus 5 And iPhone 7

OnePlus has officially gone on sale its latest flagship, OnePlus 5 and it received a great welcome from customers. However, there is always a gap between Android and iOS platform. Apple always tries to bring something new into their smartphone to dominate the market. So if you are intending to buy a new smartphone, but are still concerning about choosing Android or iOS platform, here is our review about two latest representatives of OnePlus and Apple: OnePlus 5 and iPhone 7, so that you have an overall look at these two flagship smartphones.

Features and Design

There is no doubt as the latest OnePlus 5 looks like the iPhone 7 Plus, especially with the black color. On the rear, you will catch two cameras and they work similarly like the iPhone’s, when it provides  a 2x zoom capability, while a normal just comes with a field of view.

But our comparison today is not with the iPhone 7 Plus, instead we’ll see how it stacks up against the 7.

In general, the OnePlus 5 comes equipped better specs with less money. However, it’s lack of the IP67 or IP68 certification for water-resistance like on the iPhone 7.

But if you only concern about specifications,  and especially the camera department, the water resistance is not a problem.

Fortunately, both phones are top devices in terms of performance. All of the current games cannot be beaten easily. However, you should note that the OnePlus 5 has the same internal storage as other Android flagships such as the Galaxy S8, HTC U11 with 64GB of ROM for the standard version.

As for the build quality, two phones are excellent in both camps. They both are integrated good-quality screens, though the resolution on iPhone 7 is lower. But the technology is different, while the iPhone sticks with IPS LCD, the OnePlus using AMOLED display.


Despite lower pixel, the camera on iPhone 7 still captures excellent photos and videos. iPhone 7 is also the first iPhone to support ‘wide color’ as the screen is capable of displaying more hues, which the camera can capture. It’s also the first non-Plus iPhone to come equipped the OIS to help capture photos sharply in low light condition. Recording videos now supports up to 4K recording with the smooth and the stabilization.

Moreover, each video’s soundtrack is great quality, and the iPhone 7 does not have to refocus or adjust for changing lighting conditions. While the OnePlus 5 also brings excellent photos no matter how dark it gets with the help of the Auto HDR mode.

The 1.6x optical zoom lens are also a minus point for OnePlus 5 when you won’t nơ have to move closer to your subject and a couple of lenses will allow you to blur the background for portrait photos.


If you like customizing your phone, OnePlus 5 will be better choice. With OnePlus 5, you can do many things such as choose the function for a long-press and double-tap on each of the three navigation buttons, double-tap the screen to turn on the phone, or draw letters on the screen in sleep mode to quickly launch apps.

Although in the fall this year, iOS 11 update will officially be rolled out for the iPhone 7, it’s not as configurable as Android. iOS 11 will allow you to customize the Control Centre, but it’s still be limited in most other respects.

However, one feature that OnePlus lacks is the 3D Touch. You can press the screen harder to bring up context menus, previews of web pages and more.

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Battery life

The battery life on iPhone 7 is still a minus point. Despite the efficient A10 chipset, the battery life does not improve so much. It’s difficult to use for through a day without charging.

In contrast, with a 3,300mAh, the OnePlus 5 can meet all your daily tasks easily without having to carry a power bank in your pocket. Furthermore, with the Dash Charge support, it allows the phone to charge from 0-60% just in 30 minutes, while there is no fast charging on iPhone 7.

There are so many factors in iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 5 comparison, and we have only discussed about a few important points, which you are concerning choosing between both smartphones. Let’s know your opinions in the comment section below.

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