AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Starts Receiving the Android 4.3 Official OTA Update

Are you an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 user? Then we have a very good news for you. In fact, the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OTA update, which was expected to get launched for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 was finally made to public the previous day and now the Samsung AT&T S4 devices have started receiving the latest OTA update. Isn’t it great news? Then get set to update your device with the latest OTA update that carries the firmware version UCUEMJ9.

Samsung Galaxy S4

So keep eye on the notification panel of your device to detect the update so that you can install the updates. And if you have not got the update then also nothing to worry, since the update is being sent in segments and might reach your notification panel at any moment. The latest Android 4.3 JSS15J.I337UCUEMJ9 update measure almost 719 MB and hence might take some good time to install. So make sure that you have been connected to a WiFi network before you start updating your device to avoid unnecessary use of your mobile data.

Well, the update will bring numerous changes and improvements in your device, as you might expect. The latest update will supports varied augmented credentials including Samsung Galaxy GEAR, enhanced graphics drivers, TRIM support, superior Camera Firmware, tweaked UI element and significantly the KNOX security support, the most important feature from the update. But one thing you must tell you here that the latest update is meant only for the stock AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 devices and your device might not support the update in case it’s running a custom ROM.

So keep guarding the notification panel of your device since you might get the update at any moment. Also you can manually search for new updates by connecting your handset to your PC and launching the Samsung KIES, so that you might be able detect the new firmware. Still if you don’t get then get not worried as it might take a few days to reach.

And if you are one of the users who has already updated his device with the latest firmware update, then let’s know what extra features you do witness in your device.

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