Application to diagnose Cancer Early

With the growing popularity of Smartphones, the demand for mobile applications on varied platforms are constantly growing and today we find an app for almost all our day to day requirements. Keeping the trend ongoing, the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies, based at the University of the West of Scotland has introduced a new app that may help you diagnose cancer in human body. Though this might seem unbelievable, but it’s true.

The App will help you diagnose Cancer by going through the symptoms, signs, images and using the info given in the App. The App is also quite interactive for the health professionals as it can of too help for them to diagnose Cancer cells by undergoing the quick reference guide given in the app. Best part of the app is that it gets automatically updated bringing you the latest way forwards when you are in WiFi zone.

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Focusing on the usability of the app, Scotland Health Secretary Shona Robison said, “This app, which has been developed in partnership with health professionals and patients, will make it easier and quicker for doctors, pharmacists and senior nurses to access information on referral for those suspected of having cancer.”

Of course, the sooner you diagnose Cancer, the better it will be treated. This app will play a major role in diagnosing cancer at an early stage. Explaining, she further added, “Improving the number of patients diagnosed at an early stage will reduce premature deaths from cancer and have a positive effect on overall life expectancy.”

While the Cancer drugs are partially effective on the other parts of the body such as skin damage or hair loss, in last February Scientists declared they had designed a set of shape-shifting nanoparticles attached to strands of DNA which will help sending the drug directly to the Cancer cells instead of having any impact on other affinities.

So if you are interested to have more highlights on the app, then you can install it right away by downloading it from here.

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