Apple Rolls Out Retina iPad Mini & iPad Air in India

Before we had informed you about the global launch of the two Apple products iPad Air & Retina iPad Mini in the global market. Now the leading Techno giant has gone a step ahead introducing the duo devices in the Indian market. Of course, the techno major has not officially launched the devices yet in India & is about to launch those today in New Delhi,  but has prior enlisted both in the official website of Apple India. let’s have a brief look on the specs and features of the two devices.

retina ipad & mini ipad air

First turning to the Apple iPad Mini, the device comes featured with a Retina display and supports the most recent 64 bit A7 chipset. The device is too sleek in design and looks elegant with its thinner body. The Apple iPad Mini differs in price as per the storage capacity & WiFi connectivity options like the 16GB WiFi only device costs only Rs. 28,900 whereas the 16 GB WiFi+4G device costs Rs. 37,900. Similarly, the 32GB WiFi Only variant costs around Rs. 35, 000 while the WiFi+4G variant costs Rs. 44,900, the 64GB WiFI Only device costs Rs. 42,900 & the WiFi+4G device costs Rs. 51,990, the 128GB WiFi only Smartphone costs Rs. 49,900 & the WiFi+4G Smartphone costs Rs. 58,900.

Conversely, the iPad Air is the latest device in Apple’s trademark that distinguishes itself with its brand new features along with its powerful 64-bit chipset, thinner outlook and elegant design. iPad Air is the tablet that goes on sale with the powerful iPad that is much popular among the users across the globe. The device too varies in cost as per its storage space and network branding like that of iPad Air Mini. The initial price range of the device is Rs. 35,900 & it ends with Rs. 65,900. Let’s have a look on the detailed price list below.

IPad Air Mini

Storage    Wi-Fi only           Wi-Fi + 4G

16GB         Rs 35,900           Rs 44,900

32GB         Rs 42,900           Rs 51,900

64GB        Rs 49,900            Rs 58,900

128GB       Rs 56,900           Rs 65,900

Well, the price might seem bit tough for the users in a country like India to use, but Apple has made no compromise in augmenting the price of its before released tablets even. I mean, launch of the two new tablets have added fuel to increase the price range of the low cost tablets. In the rule, the two-year-before-released WiFi variant of Apple iPad 2 that cost around Rs 28,900 will now cost almost Rs 33,000 and the WiFi+3G model of the device will cost almost Rs. 37,900 with a sharp Rs. 5,000 increment from the previous price.

Similarly, the users will also pay Rs. 1000 more to put their hands on the WiFi & Cellular model of iPad Mini that cost around Rs. 29,000 before. However, Apple has at least considered not to modify the price of the iPad WiFi only version that still costs Rs 21,900. So, it might be a considerable price for the users in India to rejoice. So, what you think guys? Shall the two newly launched device will create the same impact in the Indian market as they did in global?


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