App Eater: Single Click Batch Uninstall App for Your Android Device

It’s very easy these days to get any sort of work done in your smart phone with the help of the unending list of apps available all around the web. The master app store Google play offers various applications to define great standards for your smart phone and makes it go smarter with every app in it.

App Eater

With so many luring apps flying high in app stores, any avid lover is spoiled of choices to get them all. But often we find our phone rammed with too many apps that we had downloaded once with high zeal but never actually used it. And there are those apps too which we no longer need because they have been replaced with better versions of them and of course, those which we are too bored of. Then who can store so many old stuffs and not have free space for newer, more stimulating ones that the app stores always come up with?!!

It is a funny thing, in fact, to notice that the excitation of downloading a new app gives away to frustration when we are faced with the slow work of uninstalling all unnecessary, unused apps one after the other.

But not any more, because with the new ‘App eater’ app available free in Google play store you can uninstall as many apps you want with a single click only, saving for yourself a great deal of time and patience. It also enables you to create a widget in your homescreen to delete the last app you have opened. Another key feature of it is that it allows you to lock applications so that no intruder uninstalls them from your phone.


It is available on Google play to be downloaded for free.


  • Once you are done downloading and installing this app in your phone, you will have to run it in your homescreen and you will be greeted by the start up screen of this application which will display the list of recently installed apps.
  • You can also get to see the total number of apps you have previously uninstalled from your phone system.
  • To see all applications available in your phone, you can choose the ‘list view’ option which will list out all applications you have with you.
  • To delete an app, you will have to select the app you want to be removed and then click on ‘eat app’ bar that is available at the bottom of the screen. Similarly, multiple apps can be selected at a time and deleted from your Android system.

This indeed is a fine app that saves you time and patience and works great if you have too many applications to be removed from your system. With its app locking feature, it becomes a must for your Android system.

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