Android N Stock Wallpaper available for Download

Well, you know Google is always hectic in research to bring the best ever Android service for the users. As you know Android has become one of the most trusted and most commonly used Mobile OS platforms for many users and handset manufacturers as well, so almost every year we find Google introducing a new Android version for users. So as this year’s gift, you must have known that Google has already introduced the Developer version of the Android N (of course the full name yet has not been decided and we find Google still asking people to Name Android N).

While Android N is going to be the proud successor of the Android M i.e. Android Marshmallow, we find that this new Android version comes equipped with a bundle of new features that include Direct reply notifications, new Quick Toggles, improved Doze mode,  Bundled notification handling, and a new wallpaper that Google generally introduces every year at the time of releasing a new Android version. This year also a new stock Android Wallpaper has been launched by Google which has been placed in the Social Media Websites by the Android Developers.

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However, the number of wallpaper for this moment is restricted only to one as the developers have managed to get only one HQ Wallpaper on the new developer preview. This is the first wallpaper from Android N and many new wallpapers are about to come. So now you might think of making this new Android N wallpaper the Home screen or lock screen wallpaper of your Android handset. If this thought comes to your mind, then we have the solution for you.

To make this new HQ wallpaper the home screen or lock screen of your device, you have to download it from the below given links. The wallpaper is available in two dimensions i.e. 2331×1920 and 2880×2560. So you can download the one that best fit your requirements. In case you face any issue in the download, then forget not to check the WiFi or  your Internet connection.

Wallpaper Download Links : 2331×1920 and 2880×2560

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