Android 6.0 Marshmallow fRomFuture NewWorld V2 ROM update for Huawei P9 4G LTE Smartphone

Do you have a Huawei P9 4G LTE EVA-AL10 Smartphone? Do you want to experience the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow features on your Smartphone? Then a new Custom ROM i.e. Android 6.0 Marshmallow fRomFuture NewWorld V2 is ready to meet your Marshmallow requirements. But wonder how to flash this new Custom ROM on your device? Very simple. Just follow the below given few steps and you will be done with the update just in a few minutes.

huawei p9 4g lte

Post update, you can test this new Marshmallow Custom ROM on your Smartphone instantly. All credit for this Custom ROM update goes to Blackball, the Senior XDA member who has introduced this new Custom ROM. But there is possibility of your device might face few issues or bugs due to this update, being this an unofficial Custom ROM. Remember, we shall not remain responsible if anything such happens. It’s all your responsibility.

Besides, your Huawei P9 4G LTE device needs to get rooted and installed with the latest Custom Recovery image before update. Apart, you need to create a complete backup for your handset since your data might vanish during the update. You must install the Huawei P9 4G LTE drivers on your Smartphone to make it connect easily to your PC. You should also enable the USB debugging option before update and after disable it. Among other important needs, you need to disable any antivirus link if you are using in your device and PC. Maintain at least 75% power back up to avoid unexpected shutdown during the update. Now let’s take a look on the update process.

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NB: Your Huawei P9 4G LTE EVA-AL10 handset needs to get rooted and installed with latest Recovery Image before initiating this process.

Steps to flash Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Huawei P9 4G LTE Smartphone

  • First of all download the Android 6.0 Marshmallow fRomFuture NewWorld V2 ROM & Gapps (search from Google) for your Huawei P9 4G LTE EVA-AL10 Smartphone.
  • Then connect your Smartphone to your PC via USB and then move the Custom ROM file and the Gapps file to the SD card of your device. After switch off your Smartphone, unplug the USB and put it into recovery mode.
  • In Recovery mode select wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition and wipe dalvick cache options from recovery mode menu to wipe data and clear cache from your Huawei P9 4G LTE EVA-AL10 device.
  • Then choose the option “Install .zip from SD Card” and choose the files that you moved to your SD card in step II one after another.
  • Now Install the files one after another in your Smartphone and wait still the firmwares are flashed on your Huawei P9 4G LTE EVA-AL10.
  • Once the flashing is finished, go back to the Main Menu in your device and select “reboot system now”.

That’s all you need to do. Wait still the update finishes. Great!! Now you can test the new Marshmallow features on your Huawei P9 4G LTE EVA-AL10 Smartphone. In case of any issues, inform me via the comment section. I shall find out some solution for you.

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