A brief overview of Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017)

After the success of the Samsung Galaxy A (2016), the Korean company continued to release the next generation of A (2017) series, one of them is the Galaxy A3(2017) smartphone. Like many other Samsung’s smartphones, we altogether see significant improvements of its recent devices than its predecessor smartphones. Today, we shall have a brief overview of Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017).

To take a look first at the dark color option as the Black Sky at night of Galaxy A3 (2017), it makes everything combine together smoothly. On the front of the device is a Super AMOLED HD display merged with the black frame, which makes the clock of the Always On Display feature seem to float onto the screen. Always On Display is not the only feature that the Galaxy A3 (2017) is inherited from the Galaxy S7, but the overall design is also identical. The front Gorilla Glass has beveled edges, while the other on the back is thoroughly curved on the sides.

As its screen is just 4.7 inch, so the body of the phone is a few mills shorter and narrower than the Samsung Galaxy S7. But it’s waterproof is a higher rating too, the IP68 standard, so it can go deeper). A fingerprint scanner is also embedded into the physical Home key, which can enable for Samsung Pay over NFC, Magnetic Secure Transmission.

In terms of camera, the main one is the 13MP camera, which can support for 1080p video recording. The lens has a decently bright aperture (f/1.9) but as a mid-range product so there’s no OIS capability. The 8MP selfie camera with 1080p video is also closer to the iPhone standard.

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The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) will run on Android 6.0 with TouchWiz interface, which is a bit old as a model released 2017 is launched with an Android version from 2015. The new device is powered by the Exynos 7870 Octa-core SoC built on 14nm process, which is expected to bring a better battery life than its predecessor, Galaxy A3 (2016), but not amazing performance.

At the price tag of €330, the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) is less than half the cost of an iPhone 7 and it’s a good choice for those who just have a limited budget.

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