5 ways to back up data easily on Android

Nowadays, for many Android users, smartphone is more important computer. People use it 24/7for both working and entertainments such as receiving emails, making contacts and calendar schedules, or taking lots of pictures and video. However, many people forget baking up their data as sometimes they get lost their device or it has been broken. In this article, we will show you 5 easiest ways to back up all data on your Android smartphones.

  1. Google Back up & Restore

For Android phones, Google Back up & Restore is a great tool to back up your data. All your data (like game saves, calendar, browser history, Contacts, Gmail, Photos, Music, and even like Wi-Fi passwords and other device settings can be easily backed up via Google. All will be synced to Google’s servers just by two or three taps in your device settings, and you can restore it every when you want.

To do this, go to Settings > Accounts (tap Google) > Select Google account > check things you want to sync. Make sure you have enabled ‘Backup data’ section as well.

Although Google Back up & Restore has been integrated by default in every Android phones, this is one of the most powerful tools for the important stuff.

  1. Backup Photos

The next important backup tool is for photos. If you are a fan of photography, we ensure you caught thousands of moments with your Android phones and you do not want to lose them. There are hundreds of different ways for you to back up your photos, but you can choose Google Photos app. You can follow instructions above to sync your photos with Google Photos app. This app will store a full resolution of every photo, or even the lower resolution images. There is up to 1000GB free space for you to store your images without worrying about losing.

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  1. Backup Manually

If you do not like using a third party apps to back up your data, there is another way is that you do manually by copying and pasting all the photos and videos from your smartphone to the computer. This also works for other data. You just connect your phone to your computer via a micro-USB cable, and the computer will show up the internal storage of your device. For Mac users, you will need to download the Android File Transfer tool to perform that.

Now, just click and drag anything to the folder you created on your computer.

For images, head to Android > DCIM > press ctrl+ A, then ctrl+ C or ctrl +X to copy/cut all photos and videos into your PC. This is a great thing to do anyways, and once a month is a good idea.

  1. Back up Text (SMS) and Call Log

Another thing many users do not want to lose is the text messages and calls. If you want to save your texts, picture messages, and call history, you can do that in minutes with SMS Backup & Restore app. You can easily download it from Play Store, and it is completely free. This app will quickly backup all of your SMS text messages, and even call log to the cloud, or save them in Gmail.

  1. Backup All-In-One

Finally, there is an all in one solution that will allow you to back up almost everything on your device. However, these usually cost money, but they are an excellent solution to ensure you back up everything.

There are some all in one apps for your to choose such as  App Backup & Restore, Helium and MyBackup Pro. All of them work simply so you can easily back up all your data. Moreover, root is not required, so you will not have to worry about doing the backup process.

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