5 Best Widgets for iPhone To Add in Today Widgets

Widgets are the shortcuts put on the lock screen or home screen of the iPhone/iPad. There are now a number of available widgets for iPhone so that you can access to your favorite apps, music, and settings. These widgets are basically used for iOS 10 version. The advantage of using widget is quickly accessing to anything from your lock screen without actually opening it. So if you are looking for some widgets on your iPhone, take a look at some of them.

Countdown Widget

The countdown is a cool widget that can help track your birthdays, and other events. You won’t miss your events with the help of this widget. The widget provides the countdown to all your events right from lock screen, so you won’t need to open your reminders app to view info about your events. Get it for free here.

Kitchen Stories – Recipes, Baking, Healthy Cooking

Kitchen Stories is a small widget that was extracted from its app. If you are interested in cooking and want new recipes every single day, the Kitchen Stories widget is a great choice. It will provide you a new recipe in the Today view. You can also install this app on your iPhone and iPad for free.

Launcher with Notification Center Widgets

The launcher is another useful widget to view different apps, settings on the lock screen. You can set your favorite songs on the lock screen when using this widget. You can download  this widget from App Store.

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Translate Translator App

iTranslate is a great widget as it can easily translate word into different languages. If you want to translate your texts and messages etc, this widget is designed for you. You can activate it and use it from the lock screen. All you need to do is clicking on the flag, and it will then translate the text. Download this app for free.

WhatsApp Widget

WhatsApp is a very convenient widget for all WhatsApp users. The widget can show all your recent messages and calls from WhatsApp app. It also allows you to easily access the contact by taping on it, or to reply or call back in a single tap. Download this widget from App Store.

These are five great widgets that are free on App Stores to add Today View on your  iPhone. Hope them are helpful to you.

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