3 Easy Ways To Boost Up Your Android’s Performance

Smartphones nowadays is similar to computers. The more you use your Android phone and the more apps will be installed, and your phone will run slower, which is no more enjoyment. If you are in the same kinds of issues, here are a few tips that you should try, as they will bring back things in motion. We are going to share you 3 ways to boost up your Android’s performance.

Check Apps

On your Android phone, you will have two options to remove bloatware by uninstalling it or disabling it. Go to Settings > Apps (Application Manager and look for the app you want to disable and tap on it. If the Uninstall option is available, tap on that.

After you remove unnecessary apps, you should update the ones which you are using daily. All you need to do now is opening Google Play Store, move to My apps & games and tap  on Update all.

Clear Cached Data

Another simple method to boost Android’s performance is clearing the cached data. When you launch an app, data will be automatically stored in the  memory, so the next time you launch it, the app can be accessed more easily and the loading time is faster.

However, after some period of time, it will eat app a large amount space on your device. In addition to this, cached data may get corrupted. That time you should clear it regularly. To clear cached data, head to Settings > Storage, and choose Cached data.

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Update OS System

It’s similar to app updates, updating your device to the latest version can really change many things. If you have never performed the update, you should do it as the update brings many new features, security improvements, and bug fixes.

Many people completely ignore this, which make their phones slower. If you are experiencing some issues such as freezing or lag, an update will fix all issues.

However, before starting the Android update, ensure to backup all your important data. Also, keep your device’s battery at least 50% and connect it to a Wi-Fi network.

Once done, head to Settings > About phone (About tablet, About device,.) and check for the update.



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