2015 is expecting the launch of 12” Ultra Thin Apple Mac Book

In 2008 Steve Job introduced the first generation Mac Book Air. The first invention of Mac Book Air was 13.3” and was the only sculpt in 2008 and in 2010 a new improvised 11.6” model was introduced. According to a report it has come to news that a 12” ultra Thin Mac Book is going to launch in 2015. The production of 12” Mac Book will enter the market in 2015. The new 12” Ultra Slim Mac Book is similar to the present 11.6” and 13.3” Mac Book Air. Beside the 12” Ultra Slim Mac Book Air, the Apple’s new Watch will also enter the mass production in the first quarter of 2015.

The 12” Ultra Slim Mac Book Air is thinner than the existing Mac Book Air. The Ultra-thin design will be an eye catchy point to the viewers. The solid design and the storage in Mac Book Air will have plenty of space available. It will have a powerful fourth generation Intel core i5 and i7 processors which is designed to use less power consumption and will still deliver a good high performance. One can continue working with the Mac Book for a longer time than before. Adding to this Intel’s HD Graphics processors will offer advanced performances if one notices while playing games and uses graphics intensive tasks.

According to the previous report the Apple’s 12” Mac Book Air might sacrifice the same standard USB ports and instead of using the reversible USB of Type-C port. This Type-C USB was earlier announced by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group in the month of August.

The mega slim 12” Mac Book will come with Retina display. The KIG Security analyst Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo shared notable information that Apple is working on a new revolutionary Mac Book that will be even thinner than the existing Mac Book Air. Apple is planning to design the 12” Mac Book design with 2304×1140 display unit.

 A report from the Asian Supply Chain the new Mac Book will have a thin body, sleek design and with a redesigned track pad and will have no fan for silent operation of the device.

Further information also adds that Apple is planning to use the Broad well-Y low power processors of core M in the month of September at the time of production. Rumour indicating that Apple may make public the new Mac Book in the iPhone colour Variants.

It’s a rumour that the 12”Ultra-slim Mac Book will fit into the Mac Book Air family or not as it is using the low power chip and its essential redesigning. The survival of the new Mac Book will be a questionable debate as earlier Apple has already produced the 11” and the 13” variants of this notebook. The device will be easier and cheaper to manufacture as compared to the previous models.

Initially the Apple’s new 12” Ultra Slim Mac Book Air will be available in limited quantities as the firm is suffering from the low yield manufacturing issues. The new 12” Mac Book will aim the high end market segment of society.

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