How To Clear Cache On Windows Computer

Cache is a little space on the computer hard disk and RAM memory, which is utilized to save the recently accessed data such as web page, texts, etc. The cache will save the copies of recently visited websites so that your computer will present that saved data if you visit the same

How To Fix Battery Life Issues On Google Pixel 2

There is no doubt as Google Pixel 2 is one of the most high-end smartphones with a bunch of impressive features. The powerful chipset leads to high battery consumption and many users are facing problems with the battery life. But there are some easy solutions that can help you solve the battery

How To Unlock iOS And Android Devices

If your device is locked and you intend to switch the carrier since your contract ends, you will first need to unlock your device. Unlocking is required because if you don’t do that when you put another SIM card of other carriers, you will notice there is no signal and you cannot

Battle Between Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) vs Galaxy J7 (2017)

The strategy of Samsung isn’t easy to grasp. Although the Galaxy A5 (2017) and the J7 (2017) comes from two different series, there are still in competitive respects. So, what is the difference between them? A similar chipset, but there are some differences in design The S range is the hottest trend

How To Fix Random Restarts Issues On iPhone X

iPhone X is the latest flagships from Apple that is currently the hottest smartphone in the stores. It delivers a unique & great design as well as an excellent performance. However, bugs have not spared the phone and some iPhone X users have started complaining about iPhone X random restarts. It’s not

How to Fix ‘Could not activate iPhone X” Error

There are some reasons you could see a “Could not activate iPhone X” error when setting up your new iPhone X. So in this post, we’ll be with you to find out the causes of the activation error, as well as the potential fixes to help you set up your iPhone successfully.

How To Turn Galaxy Note 8 Into Mobile Hotspot

Mobile hotspots are a great solution to help you keep connecting while you’re on the trip, without paying the fee for the hotel’s Wi-Fi. Depending on your current carrier, the smartphone supporting 4G LTE is much faster than home internet, which brings you a faster speed connection. It’s called a mobile hotspot,

How To Fix Windows Hello Issues In Windows 10

PIN codes never come with the best security or the picture passwords aren’t always very helpful for Windows users. So, Windows Hello appears as an alternative to both those options. Similar to the fingerprint reader on the smartphone, Windows Hello offers a quick way to confirm your identity. But some Windows users

How To Early Play Star Wars Battlefront 2

The official date release of The Star Wars Battlefront is on November 14th for those who ordered the Deluxe Edition and on November 17th for everyone else. But there is one way you can play Star Wars Battlefront 2 earlier than that. With the help of EA Access or Origin Access, playing